florist duties

What Does a Florist Do?

A florist is somebody who arrange flowers and other floral plant elements in a pleasing arrangement. The arrangements used most frequently are used mostly for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, but can be used for homes, hotels, catered events, funerals and just saying “love you”. Florists can be found almost anywhere; they often run a small business out of their home, so are very much available to their customers. It is important to remember though that not all florists are the same, and some will excel in their craft while others will struggle.

The basic job of a florist is to make arrangements of fresh flowers for weddings, birthday parties, births, engagements and Valentine’s Day. They are considered part of the floral service industry and therefore florists must be licensed by the state. They must pass an exam given by the state that examines their knowledge of flowers and their arrangements. Florists are knowledgeable about the types of flowers that are available to buy and what kinds would best suit a particular event or location. They will also have a wide array of choices, sometimes displaying hundreds of different types of flowers.

If a bride wants a truly unique floral design, there are florists who will create a custom floral design for her. This is called a custom florists job and it is typically a much more costly option than making a simple floral arrangement and arranging it yourself. In order to create a custom floral design, florists must work with a skilled floral designer who will take into account the personality of the bride, the colors she likes and how much time she has to spend on her wedding day. When planning a wedding, it is a good idea to discuss your options with your wedding party and a florist’s specialist before making any firm decisions.

Florists can make all sorts of arrangements for a variety of occasions. They can make floral bouquets for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. They can even help people decide what kind of floral arrangements will look best in their home. For instance, while fresh flowers are nice, many people prefer to add a touch of color to their bouquets by buying ribbon and then decorating it with multicolored blooms. Florists can help people decide what will look best inside their home and what will fit best with their existing furniture and accessories.

Flower shops are always looking for new employees and florists are no different. There are many different positions within a florist’s shop including sales people, maintenance staff and even full-fledged floral designers. Most florists start off as assistants and as their skills and knowledge grows they can either get promoted to higher positions or take on more responsibility themselves. If you ever have the opportunity to work in a shop with a full-fledged floral designer then it would be a very exciting and rewarding position.

In order to be a good florist you will need to attend short courses taught by established forestry schools. These courses will give you a basic knowledge of how flowers are made and what the different terms mean. A floristry school will offer many diverse positions that you could apply for once you complete your course. Some of the positions available include flower arrangement designer, floral consultant, groundskeeper and more.

When you study at a floristry school you will learn about growing and taking care of the flowers. You will also learn about horticulture as well as the correct way to cut, dress and arrange flowers. You will learn how to select the perfect cut for each flower that is being placed in a bouquet. You will learn how to present flowers in the most appealing manner possible. Flowers can be arranged in the most intricate and beautiful manner to fit whatever occasion they are intended for. Most florists offer weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions as well as simple thank you notices.

In addition to the traditional flowers, florists are able to arrange for special decorations for any type of gathering. These may include balloons, flowers shaped like animals or just about any other type of decoration that would fit in with the theme of whatever event. Florists are also responsible for delivering flowers to people’s homes, workplaces and more. This can either be done personally or by taking delivery vehicles. Florists are not only there to look good; they are there to make sure that the flowers are delivered in the best condition possible.